• AMBROSIO Armando

    AMBROSIO Armando

    Director Michel Abogados Law Firm

    Milan, Italy

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: Milan

    I am grateful to have participated in such a great event. It was an excellent way to meet and learn from colleagues around the world about different law initiatives and changes. Every participant has advance knowledge on different topics, so it is a great opportunity to expand your network. The event was very well organized with very interesting conferences.

    I hope to participate again in next events.

  • Dmitriy SHAMRIN

    SHAMRIN Dmitriy

    Chairman, Audit Commission, the Krasnoyarsk Krai Bar Association

    Krasnoyarsk, Russia

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: London, Istanbul And Strasbourg

    It is with tremendous gratitude that I write this review because CECJ programs have helped me immensely in two major areas of my practice – international commercial arbitration and human rights. I attended my first CECJ program in 2011 in Strasbourg. At that time, CECJ director Ekaterina Safonova was visiting different Russian regions to meet with local lawyers, motivating even the most pessimistic ones to learn to protect human rights in Russia. Several years later I was able to witness how hundreds of attorneys who, thanks to the CECJ, found their way to Strasbourg and grew into specialists and began competently applying the European Convention provisions at the national level. I believe the results CECJ achieved are phenomenal and unique. And I imagine, the challenges were many. I am glad that for over 10 years now, CECJ has continued to work on such an important project for all attorneys.

    After going through the program in Strasbourg in 2011, I got involved with other CECJ courses and never regretted it. For example, as part of the CECJ’s collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, I took part in the FCIArb exam program. When information about this new program came out, I already had the MCIArb membership and was aware that you couldn’t take the Fellow exam in Russian. That is why I got very interested in the letter where CECJ suggested taking the exam in Russian. I took a special 2-year preparatory course, passed a series of difficult exams, and received the highest level of membership (FCIarb) at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London. All lectures and practical classes (as well as exams) were conducted in Russian. Being able to clearly understand the specifics of cases in Russian helped me a lot in my work, which I will now continue in English. I can say that without CECJ this journey would not have been possible.

    I’d like to express my deep gratitude to all the staff at CECJ, good people and honest professionals in their field.

  • CAMARERO Hernán D

    CAMARERO Hernán D

    Argentinian attorney, partner at RCTZZ LAW FIRM in Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: Buenos Aires

    “I was flattered and honored to be invited to speak on trusts, foreign exchange controls and taxes under Argentine law in occasion of the trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina of a delegation of Russian attorneys of the Russian Federation Bar Association, perfectly organized by the Centre Européen de Coopération Juridique. The unique opportunity to meet and host Russian attorneys, as well as to exchange personal, cultural and professional information and experience with them was invaluable and rich in all senses, having provided me with a first-hand glance to Russian law and business culture. The CECJ, led by Ms. Ekaterina Safonova, carefully organized this trip assuring their participants an active and varied agenda, that included meetings and hearings with the Judiciary (Federal Supreme Court), members of the Congress and Executive branches, local bar associations and faculties of law, and the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires.

  • David VIADER

    VIADER David


    Barcelona, Spain

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: Barcelona

    I first learned about CECJ programs in 2018 when I saw a Barcelona Bar Association announcement about a seminar for Russian-speaking lawyers. I speak Russian (TORFL-III) and work a lot with clients in post-Soviet countries. The event seemed very interesting, and I quickly registered as a participant. Then the organizers offered me the opportunity to speak at the next such seminar, which I gladly accepted. In my opinion, the business networking platform created by CECJ is an excellent way for Spanish lawyers, especially Russian-speaking ones, to promote themselves in international markets and post-Soviet countries in particular. It helps Spanish lawyers understand the market and evaluate the needs of foreign lawyers and their clients. It is a way for us to learn about the mentality of Russian clients, lawyers, and attorneys. Each year, the CECJ Speed Legal Networking event is a full house at the Barcelona Bar Association, so I think my opinion is shared by many Spanish colleagues who are interested in the «Russian market», which includes both Russian-speaking clients who live in Spain or the EU as well as those who live in Russia and have assets or interests in Spain or the EU. On the other hand, international lawyers who come to Barcelona to attend these seminars are able to receive helpful and undistorted information about Spain and Catalonia from Spaniards and Catalans and establish direct contacts. I can say with confidence that such events are mutually beneficial – they connect lawyers from different countries, open new opportunities, and give access to new knowledge, new markets, and new clients. I look forward to many more CECJ projects in Barcelona or elsewhere!

  • Dmitry DUTOV

    DUTOV Dmitry


    Moscow, Russia

    УЧАСТНИК СЕМИНАРОВ CECJ В: Miami and Strasbourg

    I am pleased to share my impressions of attending the CECJ seminar in Miami in November 2019. The event was of practical interest to me as in my work I often need to help clients who own businesses or real estate in Florida. So, I needed to identify competent colleagues, including Russian-speaking ones, with a lot of practical experience. At the seminar, I learned everything I needed and acquired a lot of other information about U.S. law and Florida law in particular, which might come in handy in the future.

    During the Speed Legal Networking event, I met with a few dozen US colleagues including business, real estate, criminal, banking, tax and family law lawyers. We also had a chance to visit the Court where we observed the personal injury case of a cruise liner passenger who had fallen from his chair and broken his leg after some cutlery and plates from the restaurant table had been tipped on him during rough seas. We observed arguments by the parties with the staging of this accident for the benefit of the judge so she could visualize the situation and understand what happened. While at the courthouse, we also visited the offices of the bailiffs, discussed their work with them, and were able to observe where defendants are held before they are called to the courtrooms.

    The Miami seminar was very professionally organized and had a clear program. I’d like to thank CECJ for their work and for the fact that the company doesn’t rest on its laurels but grows with each year, expanding its outreach and organizing such events for lawyers all over the world. I look forward to new CECJ events. These trips not only help me grow professionally, but are enjoyable too.

  • DOUDKO Artem

    DOUDKO Artem

    Partner and Head of Russia and CIS Dispute Resolution Practice at Osborne Clark International Law Firm

    London, Great Britain

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: London and Milan

    I have participated in the CECJ projects several times. The first project where I acted as a speaker took place in 2012 at the Arbitration Chamber of Milan, then I spoke to CECJ delegations in London, and in 2020, during the pandemic, I took part in a webinar organized by this company. I have always been impressed by the level of organization and content preparation which allowed us to make lectures as interesting and practically-oriented as possible for the attendees. The technical arrangements were always at the highest level, too. From the speaker’s standpoint, I always found fascinating dynamic communication with the attendees, who at the CECJ events always took an active role, asked many questions, and shared their experience. This means that they found the topics engaging and could relate to them. I believe that active liaising, professional engagement and lecturer-attendee interaction are the key to success. I am looking forward to further cooperation opportunities with CECJ.

  • CAVALLARO Giuzeppe

    CAVALLARO Giuzeppe


    Rome, Italy

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: St. Petersburg, Moscow
    Rome, London and New York

    CECJ is a body that organizes various training events for lawyers from different countries of the world. I have an excellent experience of cooperation with CECJ in the context of events organized in Moscow, St. Petersburg, New York and Rome in the period from 2016 to 2019. These events have been planned with seriousness and commitment. Each event is thoroughly studied and prepared, and no detail is left to chance. In particular, I would like to focus on the excellent networking opportunities with colleagues. The CECJ Speed Legal Networking has a clear time regulation, and every attendee – this is very convenient – is provided with a printed directory containing professional profiles of the participants. Every minute of networking counts and I have to say that the benefits are substantial. In my law firm I work a lot with international clients, which makes it possible for me to say with confidence that CECJ events are a unique platform to start collaborations abroad bypassing professional associations in full independence. After every CECJ event I always want to repeat it, also for all the business opportunities that it creates.




    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Buenos Aires

    The CECJ seminar in Buenos Aires were held over one business week in September 2014. I was one of speaker of this event and I can confirm that in such a short time period delegation of Russian lawyers managed to get a lot of useful information especially about Argentina commercial law. They met with the leaders and representatives — judges, lawyers, academics — of various organizations, such as the Bar of Buenos Aires, the Supreme Court of Argentina, the Superior Court of Buenos Aires, the Law Faculty of Buenos Aires University. They also organized a visit to the Presidential Palace, including the office of the President of Argentina. I was sincerely delighted with the overall professional approach and the process of organizing the entire event. And when I saw the CECJ program agenda for the next years I immediately recommended to my colleagues the upcoming seminar in St. Petersburg. Those who visited it claim with one voice that such a trip was one of the most interesting and useful in their lives. I will be very happy to host the new CECJ delegation in Buenos Aires in future. And, of course, I strongly recommend to representatives of different countries of Latin America to participate in such events, because it is the key to international numerous business contacts and to advanced knowledge of international rules and procedures and various international organizations

  • ZHOU Guangjun

    ZHOU Guangjun

    Managing Partner Xin Da Li Law Firm

    Beijing, China

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Hong Kong

    In January 2015, I took part in a CECJ program on international commercial arbitration in cooperation with HKIAC. This was part of the CECJ’s multi-state program on comparative legal analysis of various arbitration centers around the world that included a joint CECJ and CIArb course to receive FCIArb status. Later, I learned about CECJ seminars on Chinese law for foreign businesses in Beijing and Shanghai. The format, where Chinese lawyers speak to their foreign counterparts whose clients are interested in the Chinese market, is extremely effective. I enjoyed speaking to an audience whose business interests aligned with my legal specialization. CECJ events are not just mere presentations, as elements of professional networking are woven into them very organically. In China and Hong Kong, Russian lawyers met with their Chinese colleagues in private practice, representatives of international law firms, and members of the Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong Bar Associations. It is great that now not only Russian lawyers, but lawyers from all over the world can participate in CECJ programs. I am also pleased to learn that there are plans to hold events for foreign professionals in China. We have a lot of common issues and points of contact with international lawyers, and such projects help promote mutually beneficial cooperation. I wish you success and look forward to participating in upcoming CECJ programs.

  • TSARDELLIS Nicolas

    TSARDELLIS Nicolas


    Nicosia, Cyprus

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Moscow and St.Petersburg

    I had the opportunity to attend the events in Moscow and St Petersburg in 2016, during which I was impressed by how extremely well prepared the events were in terms of accommodation, transportation and organization as well as by the excellent condition of the venues. The events that took place were also extremely successful in terms of gathering a large number of lawyers from Russia and abroad from various legal backgrounds. The way the events took place also gave me the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with all the participants enabling me to make new friends and establish key contacts from various jurisdictions, including Russia, Italy, Romania, Germany, Spain and Mexico. The contacts I have made in the events proved to be of paramount importance, especially whenever I had to deal with legal issues, substantive or procedural, on foreign law. In addition to the networking opportunities and the productive exchange of ideas, we also had the opportunity to spend time with the rest of the participants and enjoy Moscow and St Petersburg. Overall, I am really glad that I was given the opportunity to participate in this event and I fully recommend it to anyone interested in the future.

  • SHIBAROVA Natalia

    SHIBAROVA Natalia

    Anti-doping expert, leading specialist of the Department of National Teams, Science and Personnel Training of the Russian Tennis Federation

    Moscow, Russia

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Strasbourg and Geneva

    As a participant, I attended two CECJ seminars on sports law and anti-doping regulation in 2016 and 2017. The first event took place in Geneva, and the second – in Strasburg. The programme of the Geneva event covered general aspects of anti-doping rules, WADA governance and review of specific legal practices in volleyball, football and basketball. The seminar in Strasburg was dedicated to practical aspects of anti-doping regulation, use of legal instruments to defend athletes’ rights in international legal institutions. The program of the latter event focused on the overview of ADRV cases, principles of adjudications, legal proceedings in CAS, Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland, European Court of Human Rights, etc. The attendees were provided with valuable information on both theoretical aspects and practical implementation of anti-doping rules, ADRV proceedings. The format of the event also included questions and answers sections, which helped us to broaden the knowledge and sharpen the skills, share views and ideas.

    The lectures were given by international WADA experts, representatives of CAS management, CAS arbitrators and ECHR jurors, legal counsel of international sports federations. Such an impressive speaker team contributed to the highest level of the event and enabled the participants to receive first-hand trustworthy information about anti-doping rules and practices, proceedings, as well as about legal aspects of other sports-related matters.

    I would like to praise high professionalism of the CECJ team whose flawless work, dedication and commitment made the events not only possible but also successful. The CECJ seminars helped me to become a better professional and raise my own competence level, extend professional and social networking, and successfully apply newly acquired knowledge and skills to my work.

    Such events focused on sports law and anti-doping regulation might be of interest to anti-doping specialists, lawyers specializing in sports law and management of sports organizations. I would like to express my hope that soon it will become possible to organize again such events and these trainings will resume, and I myself will certainly take part in them as soon as it becomes possible.

  • ROSSI Luigi

    ROSSI Luigi


    Rome, Italy

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: St. Petersburg,
    Moscow and Rome

    Dealing mainly with international commercial law, I have welcomed the CECJ initiatives with great interest. In particular, in 2016 I participated in the events held in Moscow and St. Petersburg, while in 2017 I took part in the event held in Rome.

    The events organized by CECJ are aimed at facilitating the formation of a professional network of lawyers, operating in different countries and territorial areas, through the use of the networking rotation-based “round table” system; that is providing a pre-determined number of colleagues an opportunity to explore and discuss issues of common interest.

    As far as my personal experience is concerned, the aforementioned organizational scheme has proved to be absolutely fruitful, both because it has favoured the expansion of my network of professional contacts which can be referred to for future cases involving jurisdictions other than the Italian one, and because it enabled me to offer legal advice to foreign clients with interests in Italy.

    Moreover, even from a purely practical point of view, the overall organization of the events in which I took part turned out to be of a high level and without any gaps.

  • PAVAN Antonio

    PAVAN Antonio


    Treviso, Italy

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Moscow, St.Petersbourg and Rome

    Thanks to the participation in the CECJ events I was able to understand the economic dynamics of the Russian market, exchanging experience with potential clients and foreign investors. CECJ has given me a new “key to understanding” the functioning of the Russian legal world and its interaction with the international actors.

    It was a very constructive experience that allowed me not only to broaden my range of action, but also to discuss multiple issues with numerous foreign professionals from different countries and with different legal specializations. A daring interaction of cultures and legal systems that has indelibly enriched my professionalism.

  • PALANT Boris

    PALANT Boris

    Partner, Palant & Lust PLLC, Buffalo School of Law, class of 1983. Member of the New York City Bar Association. “Super Laywer” award holder (Reuters).

    New York, USA

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: New York

    Participation in such trainings is beneficial for the attendees because the knowledge and the new skills acquired during the seminar will help them identify optimal strategies for their clients, as well as pre-empt many legal team-related problems, because you will know what experts to engage in a business project or a court case. Since the U.S. – alas – is a notoriously litigious country (yet cases may be settled at the trial stage or when trial is imminent), the basic knowledge of the U.S. legal system, the principles of jurisdiction as well as judicial rules and procedures will always be substantially beneficial to lawyers who see themselves as working in the international arena. In addition, we — U.S. lawyers — find that communication with international colleagues is smoother if they understand how we think and operate within the U.S. legal space. I am confident that the investment in your own professional upgrade and education always pays off, especially if the programme is built in an exciting manner with interventions by foreign judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Exactly such content-rich and informative programmes are offered by the CECJ to international lawyers.

  • Miroslav NOSEVIC

    NOSEVIC Miroslav

    Partner | Ellex

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in:

    As practicing attorneys from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, we had the honor of being speakers at CECJ seminars. We would like to thank the organizers for their excellent ideas and the meticulously organized event. We have found the opportunity to meet colleagues from different countries in this format extremely useful. Comparing various legal concepts and their different applications is integral to the practice of those lawyers who represent their clients’ interests in different jurisdictions. In conclusion, this event is also a great platform for networking that leads to productive cooperation.



    Partner of Kraaijeveld Coppus Legal B.V.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: «Налоговое планирование. Сравнительный анализ 20 стран»

    As always seeking for new expert knowledge practicing lawyers and accountants we attended the CECJ seminar in time of the pandemic. Since we are aiming to penetrate foreign markets it was very useful to be a part of such event for us.

    CECJ organized the event very well for both parties. For us it is a great opportunity to make the business grow and to expand the networking. CECJ is a very valuable partner of KC Legal which helps us to expand to CIS and Russian market by its initiatives and business opportunities. We are always open to new opportunities as an international law firm.

    In the nearest future it will be great to take part in such events and cooperate to use both our networks to create a mutual seminar related to doing business in the Netherlands for Russian companies and start ups. It cannot be eliminated that the event was arranged during corona crisis, which was obviously challenging. We are willing to continue cooperation and are very grateful to all high quality management provided.




    Moscow, Russia

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Moscow and Istanbul

    When the pandemic started in 2020, many of us lost the opportunity to travel internationally. But work didn’t stop and my interest in professional development and cooperation with lawyers from other countries only increased. I was happy to take part in a CECJ online seminar on asset search and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards. It was not just a webinar on a given topic, but a whole series of online seminars that included comparative legal analysis of 20 countries and presentations by local practitioners. With the widest geographic reach and jurisdictions that are of the most interest to Russian business, the seminar helped me learn a lot about how and in which countries you can get information on your own, how to work with open sources, as well as with local lawyers and detectives. I learned about trends and recent changes in the legislation of various countries, such as what you have to be particular careful about and what procedures you can fast-track. Some speakers worked in pairs, with one of them presenting and the other answering questions in the chat room. It was a great way to cover many specific questions from participants without wasting time or making the speaker digress too much. During the entire 30-hours of online seminars we were presented with a lot of useful information that can give us, as lawyers, a competitive edge. For me, that’s the value of CECJ seminars. Of course, attending such events in person is an entirely different experience. But the online format offered during the pandemic was so interesting that I’m absolutely convinced that certain parts or elements of the format should be used at future live events. I look forward to hearing about new CECJ projects!



    Senior Legal Advisor, N Blok B.V. in Kazakhstan, member of the Nur-Sultan Bar Association

    Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Milan and London

    I am happy to share my impressions of the CECJ seminar in Milan. Italy is one of the countries within my professional purview. Before the trip I sent the organizers a number of questions on the topics I was interested in so the speakers could cover them in their presentations. Such level of feedback was very nice. The classes were held in a conference room of law offices located a minute’s walk from Milan’s Duomo Cathedral. The presentations were very informative, and the high professional level of the speakers was apparent. I would like to thank the organizers for all their work – it was an excellent forum for sharing practices and networking. It was great to have interpretation from Italian. Having all the presentations and materials at hand was also extremely convenient. Among the highlights was a visit to the Lombardy Court of Appeals as well as meetings with the Vice-President of the Court and with representatives of the Milan Bar Association. At the end of the program, CECJ held a Speed Legal Networking event with Italian lawyers where I was introduced to some new aspects of harmonization of law. Of particular interest to me were the after-class discussions and the exchange of opinions with other participants. I will always remember the warmth and tremendous hospitality of our Milan colleagues.

    The interaction between lawyers and legal practicioners from other countries provides a unique opportunity for mutual enrichment and improvement. I have no doubt that everyone who attended the event gained invaluable experience, ideas, and contacts.

    I learned a lot of interesting things about the Italian judicial system, had my questions answered, and acquired new business contacts. I also had a wonderful time in Italy with my colleagues from different countries and cities.

  • GUERRA Federico

    GUERRA Federico


    Rome, Italy

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: St. Petersburg, Moscow
    Rome and Istanbul

    The European Center for Legal Cooperation (CECJ) has become an integral part of the legal training arena for lawyers from all over the world and the “platform” where it is possible to exchange national and international professional experiences with colleagues. This continuous exchange of information and experiences between colleagues from different countries (both EU and non-EU) is an essential element for those who, like me, look abroad both to expand their clientele and to strengthen professional exchanges with colleagues having different cultural backgrounds. In a world where cross-border cases are increasingly frequent, the CECJ provides the most valid and current answers to many problems that this intense legal traffic constantly poses to the legal practitioners. Even those who work mostly in the national sphere alone can benefit from the courses and seminars offered by the CECJ, considering the ever-increasing ‘intrusiveness’ of international law within national systems.



    Partner and Head of Russian Department, GvW Graf von Westphalen Law Firm, Germany

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: Speaker of cecj seminar in: Frankfurt am Main

    I had the privilege of participating in СECJ’s legal seminars as a speaker. CECJ works closely with speakers beginning with the preparation stage, so I was able to witness their organizational process. The key to CECJ’s success is their unique ability to find and attract the most qualified and experienced professionals in each country and in each subject, being open to proposals and able to select and implement the best ones. CECJ also makes sure that all the feedback and questions from the participants are addressed. As a result, participants are able to get complete and up-to-date information on their topics of interest directly from expert practitioners in Russian. In addition, CECJ professionals are a pleasure to work with.

  • Fatih UZUN

    Fatih UZUN

    Nazalı Tax & Legal Partner, Customs and Foreign Trade

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: Istanbul

    As a practicing Turkish advisor in the field of customs and foreign trade

    I attended the CECJ seminar in Istanbul during a difficult time of pandemic along with the lockdowns. Being one of the speakers I found the event to be rather interesting, first of all, because our company is interested in entering foreign markets and attracting new clients. CECJ events provide such opportunities for both the participants and the speakers working in different areas of law. The CECJ’s approach itself is interesting, along with the aspiration to establish direct contacts between Turkish and Russian-speaking lawyers through the prism of national and international law. Anyways, it is worthwhile to appreciate that the event was organized in such a difficult period as it was. I witnessed the expression of keen interest of the participants and the willingness to discuss practical details and solutions to various problems of their clients»

  • Eli Gervits


    Attorney, Head of Israel’s largest Russian-speaking Law Office

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Speaker of CECJ seminar in: Tel Aviv

    The practice of law is a field and a profession that requires a combination of narrow local (“country-specific”) professionalism with a broad global outlook and understanding of the undercurrents and trends of the law.

    The European Center for Legal Cooperation does exactly that: it connects professionals from different countries and helps them get out of their comfort zone while at the same time providing an opportunity to learn about the legal theories of other jurisdictions and to meet colleagues who implement those theories at the highest level.
    None of this would have been possible without the carefully selected lecturers and speakers, on the one hand, and competent, professional attendees, on the other.
    Ekaterina Safonova, who has for many years been the “engine” and the heart behind this project, has a unique ability to create an atmosphere of fruitful and not excessively formal information exchange.

    The network of contacts and the terabytes of information that flow through it, both during the seminars and the time between them, bring us closer and make the world a better place.




    Krasnoyarsk, Russia

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Hong Kong, Stockholm, London, Nice, Monaco, Strasbourg and Barcelona

    I have very fond memories of my participation in the CECJ seminar in July 2014, which was held in three different cities – Nice, Monaco and San Remo. During 5 working days I was able to learn a lot of interesting details about three jurisdictions at once – France, Italy and Monaco. In addition to general presentations by various speakers, the event included separate modules for each of the countries including court visits, meetings with sitting judges and prosecutors as well as visits to the Bar Associations of Nice, Monaco and San Remo. The local lawyers were just as interested in meeting their colleagues from Russia and discussing possible cooperation options. As a lawyer I handle cases related to France, and for me this program was useful in that I got answers to my specific questions, met with a wide range of experts, and spent a whole week with my colleagues from various fields of law. Henri Reznik himself was among the participants. Being able to informally speak with such a person was a great and extremely nice bonus. Henri is not only a world-class professional but also a well-rounded and well-educated man with a great sense of humor. And although the event schedule was jampacked, I enjoyed this trip as an excellent combination of working and having a good time. Besides the very valuable professional interactions, we had a chance to go sightseeing in those cities.

    I wish you many more interesting international projects and further mutually beneficial cooperation between the legal communities of different countries.

  • DULSKIY Oleksandr

    DULSKIY Oleksandr

    Lawyer, PhD

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Strasbourg, Dubai, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt am Main, Barcelona and Istanbul

    At first, I was hesitant about flying to Istanbul amid all the COVID restrictions. But as a frequent attendee of CECJ events I knew how well organized and responsible they were. After receiving satisfactory answers to all my questions, I made the decision to go, and I am very happy I did. During these three days I had the pleasure of networking with colleagues from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Latvia, France, Georgia, and the UK. I learned a lot and experienced new interactive features, which CECJ used for the first time at one of its events. Most of the participants also liked that all the events were held at the hotel, as it allowed saving a lot of time and not having to think about booking a restaurant or not making it to the next lecture from lunch. Everything was organized in such a way that participants could take advantage of every minute to work and learn. Speaking about such projects in general, I would like to note that as a lawyer I am always extremely interested in the experience of my foreign colleagues in the field of human rights, search and seizure of assets, extradition, and the enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitral awards. In Kyiv, my partners and I handle a lot of such cases. And thanks to the CECJ seminars, we are able to establish connections that help us deal with our clients’ most complex issues all over the world.

  • Dr CHOWDHURY Khaled H

    Dr CHOWDHURY Khaled H

    DR. CHOWDHURY Khaled Hamid
    MA, LLB, LLM
    Barrister, FCIArb

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Participant of CECJ seminars in: Moscow and St.Petersburg

    It has been a pleasure for me, coming from Bangladesh, to be a part of this esteemed CECJ network which connected me to colleagues world wide. The events that I was part of were innovative, visionary and interesting. My trip to Moscow and St Petersbourg in 2016 was an eye opener. We connected with the lawyers in Russia and also among ourselves — the visitors. It was a real time speed networking knowing a sharing about practice, diversity, culture and so forth. The train travel from Moscow and St Petersbourg was exciting as the UEFA Cup football was also on — lots a applause, cheers and in some cases disappointments ! The trip to New York to meet the Bar there was an excellent opportunity created by CECJ. I have been benefited professionally in the aftermath of this trip. I was also privileged to visit Strasbourg — spending a few quality days watching the proceedings of the ECtHR. We were made to feel special. The city is scenic and unique, to add. Another plus for all these events is the quality materials being prepared containing information which even in the electronic era, still has its charm. Hope we do more of this once the Covid —19 crisis is over. All the best for the CECJ.